Dr. Hobie started his dental career in California’s Central Coast during his undergraduate years at the University of California, Santa Barbara. Graduating with Honors, he attained his bachelor’s degree in physiology. He then pursued his master’s degree at the University of California, Los Angeles School of Dentistry in Oral Biology, where he researched and developed ways to prevent and cure cavities and tooth decay. Soon after achieving his Master in Oral Biology, he attended the USC School of Dentistry where he received his Doctor of Dental Surgery license. Additionally, he has extensive training in Oral Surgeries and Implants including:
Implant Therapy in the Esthetic Zone
· Mastering Bone Grafting for Esthetic Implant Site Development
· Basic Protocols in Bone and Soft Tissue Grafting in Implant Therapy
· Esthetic Periodontal Surgery
· Minimally Invasive Implant Site
· Development and Atraumatic Extraction
Dr. Hobie treats each case with the latest dental technology in order to provide highly successful, modern and minimally invasive treatments. He believes patients should receive the most comprehensive knowledge and care, based on the latest technology, to help them understand their dental health condition. Patients can then better care for their teeth beyond the dentist office. Dr. Hobie has extended Santa Barbara Family Dentistry’s mission of providing skillful, compassionate, and high-quality dental care in a comfortable and professional environment. He is further excited to return to the coastal area, a region he has adored since his time as an undergraduate.
Dr. Hobie is currently an active member of American Dental Association, California Dental Association and Central Coast Dental Society.


Dr. Lizzett Mujica, born in Cuba and graduated from the Institute of Medical Science of Villa Clara in 1990. She continued her education in California and after completing all requirements she received her dental license in 2006; she also has her Dental Hygienist license from Florida which she earned before she worked as a dentist.

She has strong interest in cosmetic dentistry; she has postgraduate training in endodontics and orthodontics. What she enjoys most about her job is the satisfaction she gets when she looks at the smile on a patient’s face after they have received their treatment and is content with it.

Her goal in life is for all the patients she treats to have the perfect smile as a result of her orthodontic and restorative treatments.

She is a member of the following dental groups: The American Dental Association, The California Dental Association and The Central Coast Dental Association.

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