Dental Bridges

What is a dental bridge?

A bridge (also known as a fixed partial denture) is one way to replace a missing tooth by connecting the replacement tooth to the adjacent teeth. A dental bridge is a good way to maintain a stable bite and restore your beautiful smile. It can also prevent a chain reaction of problems, including:

  • Shifting teeth.
  • Difficulty keeping teeth free of plaque and bacteria.
  • Loss of bone in the jaw.
  • Difficulty chewing.
  • Grinding and clenching.
  • Pain in the jaw join, the TMJ.

Three Unit Bridge


Making a bridge first involves preparing the teeth adjacent to the missing space (essentially each adjacent tooth is prepared for a crown). This involves removing some tooth structure all around the tooth and over the top to make room for the bridge. A mold of the prepared teeth is taken and sent to the laboratory where the bridge will be made. There is an enormous difference in the quality between laboratories. We use the best laboratories we can find. The day the teeth are prepared, a temporary bridge is made and placed. Once the bridge returns from the lab we remove the temporary bridge and cement the final bridge in place.

Determining the need for a bridge

To determine if a bridge is right for you, we'll perform a thorough examination to make sure that the adjacent teeth are healthy and can provide a strong foundation for a bridge. The exam often includes taking x-rays and probing around the teeth to check for periodontal disease.

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